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Murder at the dinner table is an investigation game that takes inspiration from noir cinema and murder-mystery novels. Set during the American great depression, the player embodies a private investigator. At a dinner party, a guest is murdered and left with clues as to whom the murderer is. The player must race the clock and keep the crowd calm, investigate clues given by other guests and catch the killer before the time runs out. When a killer is caught, the player must interrogate them to untangle the sinister plot that shrouds the American upper class that is not limited to one killer. 

Install instructions

Download the .zip file then extract it. Ensure that the .exe and the _Data folder remain in the same location.

Download the .zip file and then expand it. There should be a file within which will run the game. 


[macOS] Murder at the Dinner Table v1.1.zip 35 MB
[Windows] Murder at the Dinner Table v1.1.zip 31 MB

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